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An intro to Wire Wrapping with Tendai

This course can no longer be booked.


Intrigued by rare and unusual gemstones, Tendai Designs is a Jeweler that focuses on displaying beautiful gems, punctuated by ornamental wire wrapping patterns. Join Tendai Designs for a one-of-a kind jewelry class and explore how this technique can incorporate into your own work! In this immersive and hands-on course, you will be guided through the process of selecting the perfect gemstones and skillfully using wire to create captivating patterns that bring out their innate beauty. With personalized instruction from Tendai Designs, you'll dive into the world of wire wrapping, learning the fundamentals and advancing to more complex patterns, ensuring you leave the class with a solid foundation in this mesmerizing art form. Throughout the two days, you will have ample opportunities to practice your newly acquired skills, experiment with various wire types and finishes, and receive valuable feedback from the experienced instructor. At the end of the course, you'll be able to craft your very own piece of wire-wrapped jewelry, imbuing it with your personal touch and unique style. No matter your level of expertise, Tendai Designs' distinctive wire wrapping class promises an enriching and inspiring experience. You will not only learn the techniques to create stunning wire-wrapped jewelry but also gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty and versatility of gemstones.

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