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Rooted in the world of artistic creation, the Revere name is cemented in the history books of two separate mediums of art - Jewelry and Glass.

In 1979, Alan Revere founded the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts after a period of studying and teaching around the world. The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts offered a range of courses, from short workshops to intensive professional programs, for students of all levels of experience. The school had a highly respected reputation within the jewelry industry, and many of its alumni have gone on to successful careers as professional jewelers, designers, and educators.

Born into Alan Revere's legacy, Dustin had a creatively stimulating upbringing trying his hand in multiple mediums. After studying in Italy under some of the country's most respected Maestros, and traveling the world to teach, Dustin started Revere Glass in 2006. Revere Glass was the first brick and mortar studio to teach modern and traditional techniques under the same roof, and quickly became a premiere school for many famous artists.

The Revere legacy has left a deep footprint in two industries, and is now unionizing their efforts to host Artists in both mediums in an intimate and personalized learning setting.

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Before Alan Revere gained recognition as a renowned jewelry educator, he opened the doors of his apartment studio in the Bay Area to host classes. Now, with years of teaching experience under their belts, both Alan and his son Dustin Revere are poised to bring a fresh perspective to an age-old concept. Together, they aim to infuse a contemporary flair into their original idea, inviting and captivating students of all backgrounds to partake in the art of jewelry-making and glass blowing in the same space.


Award-winning Jewelry designer, world-class Instructor, Author, former and active President of AJDC, winner of 3 Lifetime Achievement awards

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About Alan

Languages: Alan has studied five languages and he speaks Spanish, German and a bit of French.


Travel: Alan has traveled to over 40 countries, visiting and sharing with others who make jewelry.

Alan Revere holds a unique position in the jewelry community, with one foot firmly planted as an award-winning designer and the other as one of the country’s most prominent jewelry educators. With degrees in psychology and art, and the influence of the Woodstock experience, Alan traveled to Pforzheim, Germany where he received formal training as a goldsmith. From 1970 to 1995, Alan Revere designed and created a signature line of award-winning jewelry which sold in stores and galleries nationwide and overseas. As a teacher, Alan founded the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, and from 1979 to 2017 he and his staff trained thousands of students to find successful careers as jewelers, designers and teachers around the globe.

Alan’s jewelry appears in books and magazines. His work is included in the Pforzheim Jewelry Museum (Germany), the Gemological Institute of America Museum in Carlsbad and the Oakland Museum of California. Alan is the author of seven instructional books, a hundred articles and a series of DVDs for goldsmiths and jewelers. He is the founder of the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group ( and he is past president of the American Jewelry Design Council ( Alan’s innovative earrings from the 1980s show up frequently on the secondary market. Alan Revere has received three lifetime achievement awards. With his deep understanding of the field and his broad influence on the contemporary jewelry industry, it is no wonder that Alan is revered as, “A master’s master.”



Decorated Glass Instructor, Founder of Revere Glass, first Artist to bring Glass Blowing online, started Glass Blowing's second largest YouTube Channel, and was the first channel about glass blowing.

About Dustin

Dustin Revere's passion for art and entrepreneurship was ignited in his youth, born into a family of creatives - a master goldsmith for a father and a skilled weaver for a mother - he was immersed in a world of artistic expression. His natural talent and drive led him to pursue various forms of artistry, including Jewelry, Ceramics, and Photography, which he mastered by the time of his high school graduation.

In 1995, Dustin Revere made a bold move, becoming one of the pioneering glass pipe makers in the world. He spent the next seven years touring Europe and the United States, seeking out and learning from classical glassblowers at the top of their game.

Then, in 2006, he founded the world's first glass school to teach both pipe making and classical glass techniques, cementing his position as a true innovator. He was the first to offer advanced pipe making workshops and the first to provide online streaming workshops in 2010 through his company, Revere Glass. Dustin's dedication to his craft led him to pioneer online glass instruction via his YouTube channel, which boasts over 5 million views and is the second-most subscribed glass channel, second only to the multi-billion dollar corporation, Corning.

Dustin's dedication to his craft and passion for teaching has led him to travel far and wide, sharing his expertise in glass pipe making with enthusiasts around the world. His skills have been recognized and celebrated, as he was awarded 1st and 2nd place at the Eugene glass school flame off competition in 2007 and 2009, respectively. Over the years, he has welcomed over 10,000 students to his brick and mortar facility in Berkeley, CA, offering both intensive pipe making classes and introductory courses to the general public.

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